Mark Arbic

Mark Arbic

Marriage, Relationship, Couples, and Pre-Marital Counseling

Mark has a deep heart to help others create healthy and fulfilling relationships. His 17 years of experience as a pastor and also a counselor has given him a real and unique spiritual and practical approach to cultivate healthy marriages, family, and individuals. Because of his marriage of over three decades, he has been able to identify and created new innovative ways to foster healthy communication and love between couples. He has an incredible sense of direction with his clients that allows him to empower them into a deeper relationship to experience a journey of joy and fulfillment.

He was raised in Minneapolis, MN and served in the US Air Force. In 1984, after leaving the military, he found himself alone in a world of partying and drugs that left him feeling empty until one day when God provided an opportunity for him to experience Him and what Jesus had to offer. That last Sunday of December in 1984, Jesus changed his life and was freed from addiction and found what true love and relationship really meant.

With a passionate love for those around him, Mark is driven to purposefully love and encounter those God has placed in his path. One of Mark’s favorite lines that we hear at Love Factor is, “How can I help?”.

Mark and his wife Wendy reside in Coeur d’Alene. They are actively attending Doxa Church. He and his wife enjoy hiking, biking, birding, fishing at dawn and hunting under the moonlight together.

Mark Arbic