Love Factor Group


Our Mission is to facilitate, to all of our clients, an inspiring journey of self-discovery that empowers them to build genuine, lasting heart connections.

We will always provide the most up-to-date necessary tools and guidance, so our clients can confidently choose love over fear, thrive rather than simply survive, and flourish instead of stagnate – ultimately changing our social culture by developing fulfilling and heart-connected relationships with their spouse, children, and/or families. We, The Love Factor, will always pursue love and strive to show others what God’s love is through our actions and words because of our love for Him and His love for us.


We envision a world in which individuals, couples, children, and families are equipped with the necessary and practical skills to create meaningful lasting connections through intentional genuine love.


Love Factor is a Christian faith-based organization dedicated to helping marriages, families, and individuals find their purpose and identity. Through real-life counseling and coaching, practical advice, and realistic tools, we provide our clients with the tools and resources necessary for long lasting relationships that are rooted in genuine love and connection. We believe that everyone has the ability to love intentionally, but sometimes it takes time to discover the best way to do this—that’s why, with a 95% success rate with our couples, we strive to be the trusted resource on your road to flourishing life-long relationships filled with deep fulfillment from within. Our mission is simple: To empower people throughout all stages of their lives by providing them with an understanding how they can love purposefully and powerfully. In doing so, we hope to help bridge gaps between all different kinds of meaningful relationships beginning with one main goal—to stay connected deeply through Love!

Matthew Rowe, Ph.D.,CPC.
Executive Director | Marriage & Relationship Counselor


Equipping • Empowering • Advocating • Accountability

Identity is an important aspect of everyone’s life! Yet many have never established a true identity or have lost it in some way. Without a strong positive sense of identity, a person is powerless. This affects our self-worth, value, the way we perceive others, and emotional and mental well-being. Consequently, if you see yourself as less than you should, you’ll view others in the same way – hurting yourself and those in your life. The relationships we have with our spouse, children, co-workers, and friends have an impact on the way we live as either “powerful” or “powerless” people. The Love Factor empowers and equips individuals, couples, and families to learn to push into connection with one another and create and maintain healthy relationships!