Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the services we offer, find details about our mission statement, and get the answers you need about making the best decision for your situation. Love Factor is here to help, and the FAQs are the first step to get you the help you need.

The Love Factor is a Christian, non-profit, counseling & coaching organization that specializes

Family Reunification

The average time that an individual or couples is with us is about 18 weeks. However, every situation and person is different and there are times where our client(s) will spend less time or maybe a bit more time with us. Also, many of our clients enjoy coming back periodically for a “check-up”.

We do our best to keep counseling and coaching affordable to everyone. All of our sessions are normally 50 minutes. Also, because we are all about relationships, we normally do not charge for after-hours care over the phone with your counselor or coach. When you allow us to walk this difficult season in your life, we are very honored to do so.

Initial Visit (over the phone) – $0.00
Marriage/Couples Sessions – $120.00 per session
Individual Sessions – $120.00 per session
Adolescent Sessions – $120.00 per session
Family/Parenting Sessions – $120.00 per session

We also offer financial assistance and payment plans for those that are not able to cover their session fees due to financial hardship or low income. Our heart is to always make our counseling and coaching services available to everyone. We’d love to hear your heart and find out how we can help. Do not let lack of finances keep you from getting the world-class help you deserve – give us a call and find out how we can be a blessing to you!

In order to keep our session fees as low as possible, we currently do not bill insurance directly. We will bill HSA accounts. However, many of our clients submit their paid invoices to their insurance company for reimbursement. We accept all major credit cards, and we offer payment options as well as financial assistance/scholarships to our clients.

The Love Factor is non-denominational, which means that we do not belong to a particular denomination. Simply put, we love God! All of our Counselors have a personal relationship with God, which means that our values and morals are pointed towards Him. Our Counselors all believe that God has called us to love one another, so we love and love well without judgment. Does that mean that you are going to “beat me over the head” with the Bible? No, we just want the opportunity to create a safe place for you to be you and to be able to receive the counseling/coaching you need to be a free, whole, and powerful person… just the way God intended it.

Counseling mainly focuses on your past, whereas Coaching mainly focuses on your future and where you want to be and how to get there. At The Love Factor, we focus on both with you.