Travis Hall

Travis Hall

Marriage, Relationships, Pre-Marital Counseling & Coaching

Travis is a successful relationship coach and counselor because of his tremendous experience and education. He is devoted to empowering marriages and couples to push back into real heart connection. Travis also has a deep passion and commitment with helping blended families navigate their unique journeys. Drawing from the rare experience of his own family being called ‘Bonus Families’, he sheds light on facing challenges that arise when merging two worlds. His mission took root after witnessing his parents prioritize his and his brother’s well-being post-divorce, paving the way for a healthy marital example in his father’s remarriage.

Transitioning from the Navy to healing relationship dynamics, Travis has married and divorced, yielding four remarkable children. Through these trials, he harnessed a distinctive outlook on parenting and partnerships. Educated with a BS in Business Administration from the American Military University, he discovered his true calling: empowering families to conquer adversity with effective communication and introspection skills.

Recently remarried, Travis and his wife have rediscovered and embraced faith on personal and familial levels, motivated by their shared resolve to guide and equip others past avoidable pitfalls. His personable approach, testimony, and professional mindset create a safe space for marriages, couples, and families to grow harmoniously.