Why Family is the Christmas Star in the Christian Holiday Skyline

Dr. Matthew Rowe, Ph.D., CPC, CMLC.

Say hello to the holiday season, a time when joy, love, and unity are the main courses on the menu of life and Christians find it extra flavorful! While Christmas does come with its share of sparkly decorations, gift exchanges, and mouth-watering feasts, remember that the star on top of the Christmas tree symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christian faith shines a spotlight on family during this festive period, turning it into a stage for expressing gratitude, dishing out love, and tightening the ties that bind us. Let’s unwrap the reasons why family is the Christmas star in the Christian holiday skyline.

  • Unwrapping God’s Gift: Christmas is like the ultimate unboxing video for Christians, reminding them of the precious gift they received from God – Jesus Christ. This serves as a poignant reminder of the value of family, making believers cherish the blessing of having loved ones with whom they can share the holiday cheer. It’s a season to toast to the gift of family support, love, and companionship, mirroring God’s love for His people.
  • Strengthening the Family Bonds: Family is the glue that binds us together, and Christmas is like the annual maintenance check ensuring everything sticks well. It’s the time when Christians get the chance to reconnect and strengthen family ties. As families gather around the dinner table, engaging in chit-chats and sharing anecdotes, the holiday season becomes a catalyst for love, empathy, and understanding among all.
  • Crafting Timeless Traditions: Traditions in Christian families are like cherished family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. The holiday season offers families the canvas to paint unique traditions that align with their faith. Whether it’s lighting the Advent wreath, attending a midnight church service or Christmas Eve service, praying together, or narrating the nativity story, these become timeless memories that connect families to their Christian heritage and deepen their spiritual bond.
  • Weaving the Spirit of Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Christmas is like a gentle reminder for Christians about the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation, values that are pillars of their faith. It’s the time to mend fences, extend olive branches, and sprinkle grace around like confetti. When families come together, forgiveness and reconciliation bloom, nurturing an atmosphere of healing and love.
  • Spreading Christ’s Love through Kind Acts: The spirit of giving and serving others is as synonymous with Christianity as Santa Claus is with Christmas. The holiday season is an open invitation for families to express Christ’s love through acts of kindness. Whether it’s volunteering at local shelters, making generous donations, or visiting the elderly, these acts of compassion resonate with Jesus’ teachings and leave a lasting impression on others’ hearts.

As the Christmas bells ring, Christians embrace the true essence of this holy celebration, with family being the cornerstone of their faith-filled festivities. It’s within the family circle that love, forgiveness, and joy dance together, reflecting God’s extraordinary love for humanity. The holiday season is a powerful echo of the importance of cherishing and nurturing family bonds, creating timeless traditions, and spreading kindness. By nurturing these values, the holiday season transforms into a beautiful testament of the eternal bond we share as God’s children and the blessings a family showers upon us.

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Matt Rowe